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  • Profil genişliği (kasa) : 175 mm
    Profil genişliği (kanat) : 76 mm
    Alt kasa uygulamaları : PVC / ALM.
    Profil standardı : A Class (TS EN 12608-1)
    Conta tipi/rengi : TPE/EPDM - Gri / Siyah
    Cam kalınlıkları (mm) : 4, 12, 20, 24, 26, 30, 36, 39

    The wings of Pimapen Infinity-HBSB Sliding System can be made 3 meters wide and 300 kg in weight. In this way, wide glass openings allow to create spacious spaces.

    In the Infinity-HBSB Sliding System, 2, 3 and 4 wing applications can be made.

    In addition to white color, it has laminated profiles in 13 different colors and patterns.

    Thanks to its specially designed fused and oval-lined laths, aesthetic profile glass combinations are provided which are pleasing to the eye.

    Infinity HBSB Sürme Sistemi

    Superior Insulation;

    The frame of Pimapen Infınıty -HBSB Sliding System is 175 mm wide and 8 chambers.

    The wing profile is 76 mm wide and has 4 chambers.

    There are PVC and Aluminum bottom case options. In cases where low threshold is required, aluminum bottom frame with heat insulation barrier can be used.

    Due to the specially designed gaskets, sealing parts and the principle of operation of the system, it provides a high level of heat, air, water and dust insulation. Durable and flexible gaskets with high UV resistance, resistant to variables such as humidity or ambient temperature are used.

    Thanks to the large support sheet chamber in the wing profile, it has high resistance against wind loads.

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