Pivot Window

Pivot window systems are produced with the latest technology. These systems are used in kitchens, halls, corridors and lofts. We can also say that these systems are preferred for original solutions in buildings. Pivot window systems are among the most preferred systems for both ventilation and practicality. Pivot window with square, rectangular and circular forms will give you a great comfort, spaciousness and width in your interiors. Pivot window systems also have excellent sound and heat insulation properties.


Pivot Window Types

Vertical Pivot Window

Vertical pivot window systems aim to give you a unique experience. With these systems you can have wide openings. If you do not want to lose space inside, you should definitely use your preference for vertical pivot window systems. The vertical pivot window systems, which architects frequently use, provide a great convenience to the users with their sliding axes.


Horizontal Pivot Window

Horizontal pivot window systems are special window systems that are produced for you to enjoy uninterrupted view. Especially this system, which women have great interest recently, is often mentioned as the most easily cleaned window system. Horizontal pivot window systems can stand open without letting rain and wind inside, and at the same time can turn 360 degrees that gives you a great convenience.


Circular Pivot Window

Circular pivot window systems are a very unique design product that will carry air to your home with its circular forms. These systems, just like horizontal pivot windows, can stand open without letting rain and wind inside, and at the same time can turn 360 degrees that gives you a great convenience.


Pivot window systems generally have three different usage positions.:

1st position: locked ventilation position
2nd position: 45 degree open position
3rd position: glass wiping position.

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As we mentioned in the previous section of our article, it is important to choose the most suitable pivot window systems for your home which will provide you a great convenience in every sense. Horizontal, vertical or circular pivot window systems can ensure that your budget is not shaken and you can achieve the exact model you are looking for. We can give you more information about our pivot windows in our company in Ankara which has been serving our customers for different pivot window systems for a long time. At the same time, our expert staff and experienced team can provide you a system you are looking for. For this, it is enough to contact our company in Ankara immediately.


Features of Pivot Window Systems

As we have already mentioned in detail, pivot window systems aim to provide you a great convenience in your home. The most important feature of these systems in general is that it is a new window system that provides comfort to consumers with its excellent usage and visuality. These pivot window systems provide a wide field of view according to their usage areas and are a suitable alternative for architectural projects. You can easily clean the glass in pivot window systems which can have a sash width of 2.75 meters and a sash height of 2.20 meters. These windows have 180 degrees of sash and can be ventilated at different angles. As a result of an increase of the heated air, in the case of the transom, hot air exits from the top and fresh air enters from the bottom.

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