Office Partition Systems

We are producing office and glass partition systems, which are frequently used today, for a long time. Our company’s one of the most important features is to produce the highest quality products at the lowest prices. Despite the low price of our products, the quality of the compartments is always quite high. In this case, you may think “Why office partition prices are so affordable?”. The answer to this question is very clear. We are very assertive about office partition systems like other quality and budget friendly products that we offer to your service. You can come to our company in Ankara or get in touch with us for more detailed information about the issue.


Features of Office Partition Systems

Glass office partitions are known with their versatility. In this respect, they can be used in different ways. They are available in wide variations and can also be used with compartments made of aluminum profiles in various designs. Relevant details are determined according to the customer's needs and wishes. Office partition systems are available in different ways: closed, combined, single and double glazed, with frosted glass and blinds. Office partitions can be up to 6 meters. You can choose office partition system that suits you best. It is also possible to get consultancy service from our company. In order to have the system that best fits your budget and needs, you can contact with our expert staff and get consultancy service from our experienced team.


Types and Technical Properties of Office Partition Systems

Wall Office Partition Systems

Fully aluminum materials are used in wall office partition systems; galvanized and iron mixture products are not used. Wall partition systems are 4mm high. If you want to get more information about office wall partition systems, you can contact us.


Glass Office Partition Systems

Glass office partition systems are preferred by people who want their offices to be brighter. It should be noted that these glasses are very robust. In short, there will be no security problems. Aluminum materials used in these systems ensure that the system is much better in terms of health. These bacteria-free systems are well-suited to everyone's use because the costs are quite low.


Office Partition Systems with Blinds

The blinds placed between double glazing are controlled by a button or remote control. Glasses are used on both sides as 4 mm glass or tempered glass. They are consist of extra clean glasses. Venetian blinds are made in 16 or 25 mm according to customer request.


Room Partition Systems

We can say that people who want to use their offices as rooms prefer these systems. These systems also provide great ease of use in terms of installation because it takes a short time to make these systems. They can be produced as wooden and glass models according to your request. These systems do not harm the environment, so they are environmentally friendly. It can be said that office partition systems are portable. It is possible to design in desired dimensions.


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We have mentioned about the general features, advantages and different types of office partition systems. Choosing the most suitable office partition system for you is of great importance for efficiency. In this respect, you can come to our company in Ankara and get support from us.

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