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  • Sun protection curtains are evaluated from a variety of angles, regardless of their technical features. In the selection of a sun protection screen, it is important to use the relevant technical values ​​in accordance with EN14501 international standards in order to meet the heating and cooling needs and visual pleasures of the user.

    Advantages of Sun Protection Curtains;

    - Breathable Surface

    - Visible Light Transmittance

    - Shading Advantage

    - Sunlight Reflection

    - All Night Privacy

    - Pest Protection Screen

    Sks Monostar Blinds and Curtain Systems

    Sun Protection Curtains - Zip Line Curtain


    The purpose of SKS Monostar Solar control curtains; to reduce the duration of the use of lighting units that cause energy consumption and to prolong the use of natural sunlight for a longer period of time. It provides energy saving due to its long-term use of natural lighting.


    The sun curtains aim to prevent the brightness that disturbs the eyes, and at night, it decreases the rate of visibility from the outside. When combined with the pest protection screen, Zipline technology provides comfort against pests.


    Venetian Blind Systems


    Venetian Blind allows orientation of the fins to be adjusted in the desired position in order to regulate the entrance of air and light. The precise system of simultaneous orientation of the lamellae allows an infinite number of intermediate positions to be adjusted. Jalousie Blinds is the only blind with lamella adjustable up to 100 degrees.

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