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  • Isıcam Sinergy 3+

    Isıcam branded product is under the guarantee of Isıcam Authorized Manufacturer against production defects for 10 years.

    Isıcam brand; It is the assurance that glass and side materials are used in appropriate quality and quantity, and that production is carried out continuously under suitable conditions and using modern technologies.

    It reduces heat loss by 77%.

    Isicam Synergy 3+ provides about 4 times better thermal insulation than standard double glazing and about twice as much as Isicam Synergy.

    It reduces your fuel costs.

    It recovers your additional expenditure compared to standard double glazing in approximately 3 years by saving from fuel expenses, and continues to make gains throughout the remaining life of the building.

    It does not compromise bright places by taking 69% of daylight in. Prevents window fronts from getting cold in winter.

    Isıcam Sinergy 3+

    The highly developed product of Trakya Cam for efficient energy saving, Isıcam Sinerji 3+ is a double-gap triple double glazing unit with double plate Low-E coated heat control glass (Ecotherm). Low-E heat control system coatings in Isıcam Sinerji 3+ are used on 2nd and 5th surfaces.

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