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    Transom window systems are the horizontal working form of a single opening. Transom window systems, which are mostly used in bathroom and toilet windows, are often preferred today. They open as much as the Clippers attached to their sides allow. It is also possible that these shears can be opened gradually according to their characteristics. Optionally there are forms of sleeve, multiplication, reverse transom, or high transom application. All these transom window systems are specially designed to work in your home without problems. In transom window systems, the glass sash goes down and the opening position remains constant. The transom function in glasses offers considerable functional and aesthetic advantages in many construction projects. The appearance of a facade, which is all glass, can be designed in a way that is completely appropriate to the wishes and needs of customers. With a transom glass system, versatile options for aesthetic facade design are possible. This is why transom window systems are often preferred. If you also need such a window system, it will be enough to come to our company in Ankara or to get information easily by contacting us.


    Transom Window Properties
    If we move to the general characteristics of transom window systems, we can say that PVC windows are opened from the upper side of the sash to move to the ventilation position. These transom window systems are more preferred in toilets and bathrooms but have decorative features other than those used in desired situations. Transom window systems provide a controlled flow, allowing the space to be ventilated in a much healthier way. These windows, which are usually small in size, can be said to provide control in high windows. You can contact our experienced, expert company that has been serving in Ankara for a long time if you want to have transom window systems with these different features and to provide great convenience in your home.


    Advantages Of Transom Windows
    Transom window systems are suitable to be equipped with window security equipment, they can be produced in all safety classes. Transom window systems are very comfortable operating systems. The wing lift function and improper handling safety of these systems allow your window to have first-day performance for many years. Semi-automatic and fully automatic accessories selection of transom window systems, soft closing selection can be preferred in different ways. There is also a micro-ventilation option in double expansions in transom window systems.


    Types Of Transom Windows
    At the top of our article we explained how useful transom window systems are for you. We stated that you can have these systems easily by coming to our company in Ankara. We also stated that we are with our expert staff and experienced team. So what are the types of these transom window systems and would you like to know which are more suitable for your home? When we look at transom window systems, we see that there are two different types of these systems.


    Windows That Open In
    Flat or inverted transom window: these transom window systems feature a special arm or scissors equipment. The window sash can be tilted using arms and scissors. This way you will have a transom system with the features you are looking for in the windows that open in.


    Windows That Open Out
    Reverse transom window: in these Window Systems the window sash can be opened out. The opening wing is secured by an element limiting the opening. This way you will have a reverse transport window system that you can use comfortably to suit you. In some of the reverse transom windows, the sash opens out with a limited opening opening. One of these is preferred according to the needs of the customer and applied to the window system.

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