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  • Double Axis Pop-Up Window

    Double axis pop-up window is the name given to the systems in which the window wing is first fully opened and the second transom can be opened. Double axis pop-ups have two different functions. It has both transom opening and full opening properties. This allows double-click pop-up windows to be much more functional and practical than others. If you want to have a comfortable window in this way, you can have double axis pop-up windows only by coming to our company in Ankara or by contacting us in an easy way.


    Properties Of Dual Axis Pop-Ups
    The joinery shapes, colors, and uses of double axis pop-ups may vary. It is therefore of great importance that the mechanism of the system is created in the best way and that the user gets the best efficiency. When the material is well processed in double axis pop-up windows, the production of the joinery is done carefully, the environment experienced becomes even more enjoyable when the installation and isolation are given the necessary importance. In this case, we should never forget that the system should always be made by a team of experts in double axis pop-up applications.


    Things To Be Considered
    If we want to combine double axis windows with arbitrary comfort, it is important to choose the hardware used carefully and consciously. They may cause harm to the user due to their use, let alone cause problems with improperly selected or implemented mechanisms. The moving parts on the wings of the window are one of the most important materials that enable the window to function with the desired performance for many years. In this case, the window can be opened on two axes by making the mechanisms that are used to provide the most benefit from a window while applying double axis pop-up windows, to meet both ventilation and internal opening demands. In double axis pop-up windows, the mechanisms that are suitable for the aluminium system profile selected for window manufacturing should be preferred. Today, double axis mechanisms used in PVC profiles can also be used in aluminum profiles. The double axis opening and locking mechanism is called the double opening accessory. The mechanism of the window is determined according to the weight of the wing, the window is cut according to the size of the sash and frame is installed on the appropriate way. It is very important that the accessory used as well as the joinery system is completed in quality. The correct use of the wing is achieved with the wrong anti-manoeuvre system from the arm. Dual expansion equipment must have anti-roll safety and a frictionless wing lift mechanism with Lever. Arm, hinge, double axis, etc. the opening mechanisms must be fully compatible with the system, selected in the technical specifications recommended by the system company, and the accessories placed in the profile slots must be in the same shape as the profiles.


    Why US?
    We are waiting for you with our expert staff in our company, which has been serving on double axis pop-up window systems for a long time. We will consider everything to be considered at this point and apply it correctly. For example, fast mounting pins and headless screws are used to provide quick and easy installation. In arched and asymmetrical joinery applications we use mechanisms combined with double axis arms. In asymmetrical windows, the position of the hinges, in connection with The Shape of the sash, greatly affects capacity. We do practice thinking about it. In short, dual axis pop-up window systems hardware is at the top of the most important parts because you will need an experienced team. Enhancements directly affect window performance with their compliance and quality to standards. The customer who has installed the window in his house performs the first quality control by opening and closing the window sash. In other words, if the window is of quality in the eyes of the customer determines the hardware used in the wing. If you want to have a high quality dual axis pop-up window system, contact our company in Ankara.

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