Glass Canopy System

It is a system used to visually emphasize building entrances. Glass canopy is also preferred for decoration purposes and it protects the building against external weather conditions and is very robust.


Properties of Glass Canopy Systems

Glass canopy systems can be located above the entrance doors or in the porch systems. Glass canopy systems can also be stainless, aluminum or steel.. Glass canopy systems are especially applied in business centers, shopping malls, hospitals,or main entrances of buildings. Glass marquee systems are twice as safe if they are made of tempered laminate. The most important point to be preferred in glass canopy systems is that it is protected against severe impacts. When the windows are secured against severe impacts, they do not fall down even if they break and remain hanging where they are. If we go to the technical specifications of glass canopy systems, it is possible to state that they are quality stainless accessories. Glass canopy systems are applied with rusting steel ropes. In glass canopy systems, material and glass thicknesses to be used for static calculations are determined. The system is applied accordingly.


Why US?

As mentioned in properties of glass canopy systems, they must be absolutely safe against impacts.This system is applied with stainless steel ropes. The glass canopy should be hung in the place even if the building is destroyed. This is exactly why you should choose our company in Ankara. Our company is applying the highest quality and strong glass canopy systems at the most reasonable price.Also we guarantee you to provide superior level service in this regard. With our expert staff and experienced team, we are waiting for you to make the best glass canopy application that suits your needs. You can contact us whenever you want. You can also contact us for any questions you may have about this issue.


Why should glass canopy systems be preferred?

Glass canopy systems are preferred by many people today. As mentioned above, although it is preferred more frequently in buildings such as shopping malls, offices and hospitals, it may be desirable to implement this system in some apartments. One of the most important reasons for this is the sunshade and rain protection. Thanks to the glass fringes, you can easily protect your building from the sun and rain. This means that your building will be much more durable and long-lasting. Use of glass canopy systems are rapidly increasing in Turkey. Therefore, the number of companies implementing this system is very small. We can say that our company, which applies glass canopy systems safely, offers the most affordable models for you to have aesthetic solutions in your building. Glass canopy systems are generally applied with aluminum and stainless steel. To find out which one is more suitable for your building, you should contact our company in Ankara and get the information you want from us. We can also offer the budget accordingly.

Design of Glass Canopies

Glass canopies are designed to match the characteristics of your building. There are different models such as color, opaque, film coated and stainless. Again, you can choose the model that suits you best. Glass canopy systems are designed to extend up to 5 meters as a porch console opening. Thus, it aims to protect you from the sun and rain at the highest level. For more information, please contact us.

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