Glass Facade Cladding

Glass Facade Cladding
The feature of glass façade applications is the mechanical mounting of the glazed panels glued to the cassettes side by side, with a 15 mm joint in the intermediate sections of the glass, without seeing the aluminum mounting element on the facade surface. These systems can be applied in any type of silicone, with lid or semi-lid. The combination of insulating glass to be used in the façade is determined according to the purpose of the building, the glass façade cladding, the type of glass carrying the performance values ​​appropriate to the weather and climatic conditions in its area and the color of the glass suitable for the design of the project. Facade Cladding Systems Silicone or glass façade cladding systems are the name of the cladding façade application used when the façade is desired to have a continuous glass appearance. This system is made by constructing a grid system similar to the types of curtain walls with lids and installing glass cassettes attached to each other in aluminum frames in the grid openings. Silicone curtain wall applications will be made according to the measurements taken from the section of the production project to be prepared in the most appropriate way vertical carrier and horizontal carrier profiles, such as accurate cutting, hole, channel operations are performed. Vertical carrier aluminum profiles are hung on the floor slabs of the section to be covered. Horizontal bearing profiles are connected between the vertical carriers and a grid system is prepared to form the curtain wall. Aluminum Cladding Systems Today's façade applications create a more prestige, aesthetic, more functional, comfort and a completely enveloping and dressing approach for the purpose of preserving energy. Along with this understanding, the construction, which can completely cover the building façade, is made with aluminum joinery façade profiles, is called aluminum glass façade dressing. Carrier vertical profiles connected to anchorages made of aluminum and galvanized steel in the openings specified in the aluminum curtain wall systems project or in the flooring concrete of each floor and glass should be installed between them at desired heights. It consists of horizontal registration profiles which are connected to vertical carrier profiles by special connection elements for carrying these systems. Thermal insulation is the application to prevent hot or cold air from entering or leaving the houses with the help of thermal bridges. Constantly increasing energy bills also raise budgets for heating. Considering that 1/3 of the total amount of energy consumed is used for houses, thermal insulation has become a necessity.

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