Facade Coating Properties

Facade Coating Properties
Facade Coating PropertiesExterior applications provide strong protection against the weather conditions such as wind, rain, snow and sun which can damage the houses, as well as aesthetically it is used to create the architectural style of the building. It minimizes the transmission of sound within the facade cladding properties and also provides heat or water insulation and extends the life of the building. Coating materials are generally selected and applied in accordance with the design and aesthetic appearance of the building. mainly the wood in Turkey, american siding, precast, siding covering, is given to natural stone and glass cladding, United States, along with Canada or widely wooden siding exterior firms in countries such as Australia, the place to american siding siding It is given. Exterior Coating Properties MNever damaged by expansion and contraction due to temperature differences, - Resistant to the chemical effects of the atmosphere, AmDo not deteriorate from the harmful effect of sun rays, - Don't spoil by Don effect, AmDo not spoil and contain water due to rainwater, They must have basic properties such as that they do not interfere with the vapor coming out from inside and formed on the inner surface. In addition to these features found in relation to the physics of the building, since the materials form the visible face of the building, it is expected to have the qualities to beautify the building in addition to the facade coating features. As the exterior cladding processes are generally performed during the construction phase, it is both costly and laborious to apply in old houses. The most well known exterior coatings that can be processed later on buildings are siding exterior coating applications together with exterior sheathing activities due to rapid applicability and economic reasons. It can provide both heat and water insulation between the two exterior cladding properties, maintain their durability for many years and aesthetically enhance our living spaces. How to make a facade coating? Substrate Profile Applications: The dimensions of the substrate profile are determined according to the thickness of the cladding board to be used. The profile is adjusted to the wall together with the spirit level to form a smooth line and fixed with dowels. Bonding of Coating Plates: The prepared adhesive bonding mortar is applied to the sheets by the frame method and starting from the bottom of the outer surface, it is placed in such a way that there is no gap left.

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