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    Automatic revolving doors are highly functional systems. Designed in different ways in accordance with the aesthetic understanding of everyone, these systems are also suitable for making architectural structures look more beautiful. The systems used in automatic revolving doors provide both energy saving and safety and ease of use. One of the most important reasons why these systems are preferred by many is to have an aesthetic appearance without having technical problems. If you need an automatic revolving door, you can contact our company in Ankara immediately or you can come to our company and get one-to-one information about the subject.


    Features Of Automatic Revolving Doors
    The diameter of the automatic revolving doors is between 2400 and 5092 mm. Automatic revolving doors have 3 or 4 wing or display case applications. Automatic revolving doors can be painted in desired colors. Automatic revolving doors also have halogen lighting. The latest technological materials are used in Automatic Door Systems. Therefore, the probability of failure of automatic revolving doors is very small. If you maintain automatic revolving doors properly, you can use them for a long time. For this, you can get consultancy service from our company. Automatic doors are affordable and easy to maintain. This is one of the leading reasons why customers prefer these systems. These systems have quite different uses. If we look at these: automatic revolving doors can be applied to business centers, shopping centers, hotels, airports, public buildings, hospitals and residences in accordance with the need and demand.


    Technical Features Of Automatic Revolving Doors
    Crossing height of automatic revolving doors: 2200 mm. It is possible to increase this amount up to 2500 mm. Canopy height of automatic revolving doors: 300 mm. It is possible to increase this amount up to 800 mm. The finished height of automatic revolving doors is 2400 mm. This is the standard size. Cheek windows of automatic revolving doors: 8.8 mm concave, transparent laminated. Automatic revolving doors sash windows: 6mm tempered. The program options of automatic revolving doors can be expressed as follows: the 0-position door is closed i.e. the locked position. The 1-position door is in a stop position; when the radar detects movement, it switches to a normal turn. Accessories of automatic revolving doors: the program Switch, which we have determined program options, can be counted as a spot and transformer on the ceiling according to the number of wings of the door. Security system of automatic revolving doors: it is the folding feature of the wings in the event of panic. In addition, the automatic revolving doors have heel photocell, safety photocell, girdle safety tape and emergency stop button. All these are optional. The locking system of automatic revolving doors is an electromechanical locking system and this system is applied as an option. Manual locking can also be applied. Automatic revolving doors have two radars: this system is a radar system that has no effect on electro instruments and pacemaker. The color of the automatic revolving doors can be determined as the desired color.


    Why US?
    As we mentioned above, automatic revolving doors are one of the door systems that are often preferred with many different uses today. The more reliable and efficient of these systems depends on the application company. You can trust us with automatic revolving door applications. To resolve all the question marks in your mind, get budget information and have the most appropriate automatic door system for you, come to our company in Ankara or contact us immediately.

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