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  • Skylight Systems

    We can say that skylight systems are generally used in buildings to receive light from the roof and illuminate the ventilation gaps. Skylight systems are formed with the help of aluminum profiles and transparent or opaque glasses placed on steel carriers. Aluminum profiles and channeled special skylight materials are used in skylight systems. The steel and aluminum profiles used are determined after special static calculations and applications are planned accordingly. In skylight systems, wing additions can be made upon request. Skylight systems are important for heat and light controlled glasses. It is also possible to state that these systems save energy. If you also need high quality and affordable skylight systems, it will be sufficient to contact our company in Ankara or get one-to-one information by coming to our company.


    Properties of Skylight Systems
    Skylight systems can also be preferred in buildings other than industrial structures. It makes more use of the sun's rays. We can say that the skylight systems generally make the houses turn into a more spacious and bright environment. It is very important to prefer durable and useful materials in skylight systems. By choosing polycarbonate products in these systems, it will be possible to be protected from adverse weather conditions and to save energy by making more use of sun rays. Because of such useful properties, skylight systems are very useful products.


    Advantages of Skylight Systems
    Skylight systems are mounted on building roofs using polycarbonate sheets that are 200 times stronger than standard windows. Thanks to these systems, we also filter harmful sun rays. These skylight systems, which can be produced according to the desired shape and need, do not let the water in the rainy weather. It does not hold dust and contributes to keeping the heat inside under control in hot weather. As it has a sealing and ventilation feature, it prevents harmful formations such as moisture and humidity. You have the possibility to position the building differently depending on its location. It prevents water accumulation on the roof in rainy weather. These systems are designed to be transparent so that the light transmittance is higher. However, it is still possible to select the metals used in different parts by you.


    Different Uses of Skylight Systems
    Skylight systems have different uses. They can be used in industrial areas and factories to increase energy efficiency. You can choose this system in all kinds of places such as warehouse areas, winter gardens, balconies, terraces, greenhouses, sports hall, entrance fringes of buildings, billboards, walkways, parking lots. As it is a very reliable and practical system, it can be installed anywhere. Although it is 30 mm thick, it is very durable. It is long lasting. Skylight systems are also resistant to hard impacts and resistant. It has sound and heat insulation feature. It is also suitable for those who have aesthetic concerns because it looks aesthetic.


    Why U.S?
    As we mentioned from the top of our article, by using skylight systems, you can have many advantages from thermal insulation, aesthetic appearance and durability to energy efficiency. At the same time, you can ensure that UV rays enter the building thanks to the skylight systems that you can use at very affordable prices. In order to have these advantages, we can say that it is very important that you have the skylight systems in the right company and that the company is both experienced and expert in this field. You can trust us on this. Come to our company in Ankara right now and let's determine the most suitable skylight system for you.

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