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  • Structural Silicone Curtain Wall

    Silicone curtain wall systems are among the leading choices for those who want simpler and noble glass. In the silicone curtain wall system, heat glasses are adhered to the facade in a special way. Silicon Facade Coating System becomes completely sealed with special wick safety. The Silicone Facade Cladding System, which is easy and fast to install, is also suitable for easy maintenance and cleaning. Therefore, we can state that silicone curtain wall systems are highly preferred today. If you want to have such a practical and advantageous silicone curtain wall system, you can come to our company in Ankara immediately or contact easily. Thus, you can ensure the safe application of your silicone curtain wall system.

    Features of Silicone Curtain Wall
    When we look from the outside in the Silicone Facade Cladding system, there is no aluminum profile, glass joints have 15 mm wide and 15 mm deep fuga material. At this point, it is useful to state that the fug is a filling material that is used in both exterior and interior spaces, floors, walls, ceilings and all kinds of horizontal and vertical corner joints. Since sealing between glass panels is provided with double EPDM wick in silicone curtain wall systems, sealing silicone is not drawn between the panels. Shade does not occur in this way between the glass panels. Silicone curtain wall systems are suitable for all kinds of different needs. The silicone system used between the glass and the aluminum panel makes it more durable. In short, when you are going to apply silicone curtain wall system, it is very important to work with a reliable company and have this work done by a specialist team. In our company, which we aim to satisfy our customers, we can provide the most suitable silicone curtain wall system.


    Why Silicone Curtain Wall System?
    Since the outer cover is not used in silicone curtain wall systems, the surface appears to be flat on the outside. We can say that this provides the liking of silicone curtain wall systems to customers with aesthetic concerns. The rich variety of vertical profiles in silicone curtain wall systems can directly respond to the required static, the needs of the designers, and to get out of the ordinary. Thus, silicone facade cladding systems have become a system that is liked and used by everyone and is frequently preferred in projects. Silicone curtain wall systems are frequently preferred by customers because they cater to different needs and wishes of customers and also provide ease of use.


    Why U.S?
    As we have already explained, the system should be applied in the most appropriate way so that silicone curtain wall systems with different advantages and features are desired, in short, a high efficiency can be obtained from this system. Our company, experienced in silicone curtain wall system, is waiting for you with its expert staff. If you want to get information about silicone curtain wall systems, you can contact our company in Ankara immediately, after giving you the necessary budget and time information, we can clarify the details and start the application. Thus, you can have an efficient silicone curtain wall system without any doubt in your mind. You can be sure that customers who have silicone curtain wall systems and buy this system from our company in Ankara have no regrets. You can still find the answers to all the questions you have in mind at our company in Ankara. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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