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    Spider facade systems are produced by using a different building material instead of carrier aluminum, unlike other facade systems. In this case, it becomes possible to use the system to produce much more transparent facades. There are different types of Spider facade systems: stainless, painted steel carriers, stainless tensioners or special carrier glass blocks. They can be used with single glass or double glazing application. Stainless body is preferred in Spider facade systems. There are different color options in Spider façade systems. Application can be made according to different body thicknesses. Spider facade systems have a very stylish design. This ensures that the spider facade systems are suitable for many different customers. If you want to have a quality spider facade system that suits both your structure and budget, you can come to our company in Ankara immediately or you can easily contact us and get the answers to all the problems.


    Features of Spider Facade Systems
    In Spider facade systems, 304 and 316 or St-37.2 quality stainless body is used. St. 37-2 body usage preference system can be painted according to the desired color. The system, which can be applied on glasses in the range of 6 mm to 49.52 mm, can also be produced in 5 different thicknesses. When we look at what thicknesses Spider Facade systems can be, we can say that 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 mm thicknesses are suitable for application. Since Spider façade systems are very easy to install, we see that the system is often preferred in eaves, façade systems, panoramic elevators and glass separators. M-12, M-14 and M-16 are used as the fasteners of the product in Spider facade systems. Since spare parts can be supplied easily, there are different accessory options in spider facade systems. Spider Facade systems are systems that can be produced piece by piece or as a whole. Following the production of these systems, they can be easily installed by our expert team. If you are planning to prefer spider facade systems, we expect you to our firm in Ankara with our experienced staff.


    Why Should You Prefer Spider Facade Systems?
    We can say that spider facade systems, also called transparent curtain walls, are curtain walls that give the building an architectural design and aesthetic appearance. The primary purpose of the application of Spider façade systems is to make the most of daylight. Therefore, if you care more about daylight than other elements, you can choose spider facade systems and have an aesthetic curtain wall system. In projects where transparency is important, we can state that the "Spider Curtain Wall System" used in the creation of striking architectural designs using different designed carrier systems is a frameless procedure. In this system, the main structure that carries the glass; It can be made of stainless or steel construction in accordance with the intended use of the building or according to the requests. In addition, static calculations can be made from glass columns or stretched rod systems. This makes systems more practical.


    Other Advantages of Spider Facade System
    In Spider façade systems, the glasses are connected to the carrier steel structure by using double-glazed glass or laminated single glasses, which are pierced by four sides with stainless rods attached to the steel structure. Glass thickness varies according to the usage method and application is made in accordance with the static values. Ultraviolet-proof silicone is used for sealing. For all these reasons mentioned above, spider facade systems are quite aesthetic, practical and budget friendly. We are waiting for you to our company in Ankara to have such a spider facade system.

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