Spider Facade

Unlike other facade systems, Spider facade systems are produced by using a different building material instead of carrier aluminum. In this case, it becomes possible to use the system to produce much more transparent facades. There are different types of spider facade systems: stainless, painted steel carriers, stainless steel tensioners or special carrier glass blocks. They can be used with single glass or insulating glass application. Stainless body is preferred in spider facade systems. Spider facade systems have different color options. Different body thicknesses can be applied. Spider facade systems have a very stylish design. This makes spider facade systems suitable for many different customers. If you want to have a quality spider facade system suitable for your structure and budget, you can come to our company in Ankara or contact us easily and get the answers of all your problems.


Features of Spider Facade Systems

304 and 316 or St-37.2 quality stainless body is used in Spider facade systems. St. 37-2 body can be painted according to the desired color. The system, which can be applied in glasses between 6 mm and 49.52 mm, can be produced in 5 different thicknesses. When we look at the thicknesses of spider facade systems, we can say that thicknesses of 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 mm are suitable for application. Since the installation of spider facade systems is quite easy, we see that the system is frequently preferred in eaves, facade systems, panoramic elevators and glass separators. M-12, M-14 and M-16 are used as connection elements in spider facade systems. There are also different accessory options in spider facade systems since it is easy to supply spare parts. Spider facade systems can be produced in parts or whole. These systems can be assembled easily by our expert team after production. If you are planning to prefer spider facade systems, we are waiting for you with our experienced staff in Ankara.


Why to Choose Spider Facade Systems?

Spider facade systems, also called transparent facade systems, are the facade systems that give the building an architectural design and aesthetic appearance. The main purpose of the application of spider facade systems is to make the most benefit of daylight. Therefore, if you care more about daylight than other elements, you may prefer spider facade systems and have an aesthetic curtain wall system. In projects where transparency is important, ‘’spider curtain wall System’’ can be defined as a frameless procedure. This system can be used to create striking architectural designs by using different carrier systems. In this system, the main structure that carries the glass can be made of stainless or steel construction in accordance with the purpose of use of the building or upon request. In addition, static calculations can be made from glass columns or rod systems. This makes the systems more practical.


Other Advantages of Spider Facade Systems

In spider facade systems, the glazing is connected to the bearing steel structure by insulating glass or laminated single glazing pinned through four sides with stainless ball joints connected to the steel structure. Glass thicknesses vary according to usage and application is made according to static values. Ultraviolet resistant silicone is used for sealing. For all these reasons mentioned above, spider facade systems are quite aesthetic, practical and budget friendly. In order to have such a spider facade system, we expect you to come to our company in Ankara.

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