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    silicone cladding systems when desired. Silicone filling can be used instead of horizontal and vertical cover profiles. Semi-silicone cladding systems enable the façade to become the desired semi-capped silicone shape vertically or horizontally when viewed from the outside. In semi-silicone dressing systems, it is also possible to use wings that are not visible when viewed from the outside. The system can also be made insulated.


    Features of Semi Silicone Curtain Wall Systems
    Semi-silicone curtain wall systems have a modern and contemporary look. Economic costs of these systems are much more affordable than others. Semi-silicone curtain wall systems are very easy and practical to apply in terms of workmanship. We can say that this system is easier to install than other systems. Semi-silicone curtain wall systems are also suitable for adverse conditions such as earthquake, building settlement, wind, storm. In short, it is a very preferred and safe system. If you want to have semi-silicone curtain wall systems with all these features for your building, you can easily contact our company in Ankara or come to our company and get information from our expert team. There are different application types in semi silicone curtain wall systems. The system is resistant to water and dust resistance. Tight. The body width of the semi-silicon facade system varies according to the geometry of the building. The sealing between the glass panels is provided with cover profiles and EPDM wicks horizontally, and DOW-CORNING sealing silicone is drawn between the glasses in the vertical. Vertical and horizontal bearing profiles to be used in the semi-silicone curtain wall system are determined as a result of static calculation and presented as a report. When laid linearly in one direction, it adds aesthetics to the structure. In semi-covered curtain wall systems, the most preferred of those with lids is the use of almond lids.


    Advantages of Semi Silicone Dressing Systems
    Semi-silicone curtain wall systems are open to different applications thanks to their profiles. This ensures that the system is preferred by many people. We can say that semi-silicone curtain wall systems are produced according to different demands and different needs. Semi-covered curtain wall systems with high usage rates are applied using aluminum profiles. The most important advantage of my semi-capped curtain wall system, also known as two-sided curtain wall systems, is that only aluminum or horizontal door profiles can be seen horizontally or vertically. It is silicone in vertical joints between glasses. At our company in Ankara, we offer semi-silicone curtain wall systems for you in the best conditions. Half-cap or semi-silicone curtain wall systems are manufactured from first-class materials in a durable manner.



    Why U.S?
    In our company, which has been serving in different subjects according to the needs and wishes of the customers for a long time, we also implement reliable semi-silicone curtain wall systems for you. In our company in Ankara, you can find the most suitable semi-silicone curtain wall system and you can also apply it to your building after all the details are completed in a short time. As we mentioned above, semi-silicone curtain wall systems are among the most preferred facade systems today. If you implement this quality and affordable system in the best way, your building will become both aesthetic and more robust. You can contact us immediately for this

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