Covered Curtain Wall Systems

Another name of the covered curtain wall systems is the classic facade cladding systems. These systems are manufactured from aluminum, steel and glass materials. One of the most important features of this system is that it is aesthetic and economical. This makes the system frequently preferred by customers. This application can be made as single axis, dual axis or transom wing. That's why the curtain wall systems are suitable for different customer needs and desires. If you want to have the covered curtain wall system application in your building, you can come to our company in Ankara and get the necessary information from our expert staff.


Features of Covered curtain wall systems

Conventional door systems are reinforced with steel and therefore can be used safely. The most important feature of the curtain wall system with cover is that 50 mm wide profiles can be seen on the facade. These visible aluminum profiles provide an aesthetic appearance. It is also possible for the system to be of different colors so that the external appearance is completely tailored to the customer's needs. The system is first screwed into the appropriate slots of the glass profiles. Then, after tightening and sealing, cover profile of the desired section is inserted into the slot. After these processes, the installation process is completed in the covered curtain wall system. Glass, heat, sound and water insulation of the mechanically connected profiles in the facade cladding systems are provided with EPDM wicks as in the silicon facade. The need for opening wings in cladding systems is solved with wing adapter profile. Silicone glued glazings makes it possible to open wings in any desired location. The blades can be manufactured and assembled according to customers' requirements. In short, we can say that the features of the covered curtain wall systems are suitable for different customer requirements. You can come to our company in Ankara to see if your building needs cover facade cladding system and you can get more detailed information about the subject.


Advantages of covered curtain wall systems

covered curtain wall system is an indispensable element of contemporary architecture. covered curtain wall systems can be used together with cover profile in different cross-sections and forms according to visual requirements. Different wing application options are available in this system. In profiles with different depths, the system consists of horizontal or vertical covers. This has made the cover cladding systems more widely used in the world. Likewise, we can say that this system, which is frequently preferred in our country because of its advantages, is quite reliable. If you want to choose a system like this, you will get detailed information about the subject and remove the question marks in your mind. Come to our company in Ankara and talk to our expert team. Also you can contact us by phone.


Why US?

As we mentioned above, closed curtain wall systems are loved both in the world and in our country because of the many different advantage. Also they are preferred with confidence. Of course, it is necessary to make detailed static calculations in order to ensure that these closed curtain wall systems have stated features and are protected from wind and violence. The geometry of the building should also be measured very well. At this point, our company in Ankara will initiate for you and will provide the most suitable cover cladding system to your needs.

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