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    Another name for the façade cladding systems is classical façade cladding systems. It is known that these systems are made of aluminum, steel and glass materials. One of the most important features of this system is that it is aesthetic and economical. This ensures that the system is frequently preferred by customers. Applications such as single axis, double axis or transom wing can also be made. Therefore, façade cladding systems are suitable for different customer needs and requests. If you want to have covered facade cladding systems in your building, you can come to our company in Ankara immediately and get the necessary information from our expert staff.


    Features of Covered Curtain Wall Systems
    Conventional door systems are reinforced with steel and can therefore be used safely. The most important feature of the cladding system is the appearance of 50 mm wide profiles on the facade. These seen aluminum profiles offer an aesthetic appearance. It is also possible for the system to be in different colors so that the outside view is completely suitable for the customer's need. The system is firstly screwed into the appropriate slots of the glass profiles. Then, after squeezing is ensured, the cover profile in the desired section is placed in its slot. After these processes, assembly process is provided in the façade cladding system. Glass heat, sound and water insulation of the profiles which are mechanically connected in cladding systems are provided with EPDM suppositories as in the silicone facade. The need to open wings in cladding systems; wing adapter profile is covered by the profiles we call. The glasses adhered to these profiles with silicone ensure that it is possible to open wings at the desired location. Wings can be produced and assembled according to the wishes of the customers. In short, we can say that the features of cladding systems are suitable for different customer demands. By coming to our company in Ankara, you can understand whether your building needs a façade cladding system and get much more detailed information on the subject.


    Advantages of Covered Curtain Wall Systems
    Covered Curtain Wall System is an indispensable element of contemporary architecture. Covered cladding systems can be used together with the cover profile in different sections and forms according to visual requests. There are different wing application options in this system. In profiles with different depths, the system consists of horizontal or vertical covers. This has made it possible for the façade cladding systems to be a widespread system used in the world. Similarly, we can say that this system, which is frequently preferred in our country because of its advantages, is very reliable. If you want to prefer such a system, it will be very useful for you to get detailed information on the subject and to remove the question marks in your mind. Come to our company in Ankara immediately and talk to our expert team. Or you can contact us by phone.


    Why U.S?
    As we have mentioned above, since the façade cladding systems have many different advantages, they are preferred in the world and in our country with confidence. Of course, it is necessary to make detailed static calculations in order to protect these cladding systems from the wind and violence. The geometry of the building should also be measured very well. At this point, our company in Ankara will be commissioned for you and will provide the construction of a cladding system that best suits your needs.

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