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    Cotta panel facade systems, which are developed as an alternative to terracotta systems, are a highly preferred system today because they are relatively lighter and provide the same image as terracotta systems. In the application of these cotta panel facade systems, aluminum profiles are used as the sub-construction and stone wool or glass wool is mounted behind the sheet coating on the exterior facades where heat insulation is important. The assembly of Cotta Panels is made with special apparatus for the aluminum substructure created. These façade systems offer advantages to architects such that colors do not fade, are resistant to freezing and thawing effects, are light compared to natural stone, offer quick and practical application, and no maintenance costs. In addition to all these advantages, it has been preferred intensely recently because it offers an aesthetic and stylish appearance. Cotta Panel facades can be used in all desired areas. The preferred internal and external aluminum profiles in this system ensure that the thermal insulation is at a sufficient level. At the same time, special materials used prevent sweating. If you want to have such a panel façade system, you should definitely apply it with an experienced and expert team. Come to our company in Ankara and let's talk the details.


    Cotta Panel Facade Properties
    When we look at the features of the Cotta panel facade systems, we can state that these systems are a state-of-the-art product. These systems, which were produced primarily to be an alternative material to architects, were frequently used afterwards. In Cotta panel facade systems, 100% aluminum profile is used. Cotta panel facades can be produced in different shapes, especially brick or wood look. This is one of the biggest reasons behind preferring cotta panel facade systems. Cotta panel facade systems provide an aesthetic appearance on the facade with their horizontal and vertical joints. Cotta panel facades are produced in the desired size according to the condition of the outer surface of the building and applied as desired. This provides cotta panel facade systems more advantageous than other systems in terms of workmanship, time and cost. Since Cotta panel facade systems have a low unit weight of 7 kg / m2, it does not impose an additional load on the building. The cost of the system is low and it can be done in a short time. Cotta panel facades are not polluted, fade and fire-safe since they are produced using a special paint technology. It is also well known that this system is very long-lasting and completely environmentally friendly.


    Why U.S?
    As we have stated at the top of our article, there are many reasons for you to prefer cotta panel facade systems and cover your exterior with this system. Among these reasons, cost, labor and time advantages can be shown. In addition, it should not be forgotten how safe and long-lasting the system is. Having such a special and useful system is something everyone will want. But of course, in order to have all these features of cotta panel façade systems, it is necessary to make correct application by an experienced team. That's why we are waiting for you with our expert staff and experienced team in our company. We can choose the most suitable cotta panel facade system for your building. We can make the most suitable plan for your budget.

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