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  • Ceramic Facade coating

    Ceramic facade cladding systems are applied to the deaf facades of the building. We can state that ceramic facade cladding systems are applied to the system with clips, ducts or glues. These systems are particularly preferred because they have high heat resistance, since they do not stain and are not affected by changes in the atmosphere. If you want to take advantage of these advantages and have ceramic facade coating systems, you can contact our company in Ankara immediately. The type of material to be used and the method to be applied will be determined by our teams. Therefore, it is very important that we understand the types of ceramic facade cladding systems.


    Clip System
    In ceramic facade coatings, the clip-on system is applied as follows. Ceramics are mounted on carrier aluminum profiles with stainless steel-look clips, and thus the relevant application is provided. In this case, you will have a very economical and safe ceramic coating system. This clip-on ceramic façade cladding system is suitable for all sizes.


    Hidden Channel System
    In ceramic façade systems, the hidden channel system is applied as follows. Ceramics are attached to the supporting structure with the help of aluminum clips. They are generally applied with materials such as 60 x 60 cm, 60 x 120 cm, 50 x 100 cm. If you need to have a ceramic wall covering with concealed ducts, you can immediately contact our company in Ankara. We can help you with our expert team.


    Bonding System
    In ceramic façade systems, the adhesive system is applied as follows. Temporary tape and a high strength material based on polyurethane are used for mounting ceramics to the aluminum carrier profile. This special material does not lose its flexibility between -40 and 100 degrees. So it is one of the very strong materials. We can say that the bonding system is the most economical method in ceramic facade coating systems. At this point, appropriate application can be made in all ceramic sizes and optionally, either open or closed joints can be selected. You should contact our company in Ankara to decide which of these options is most suitable for you.


    Closed Joint Bonding System
    Closed joint bonding system for ceramic facade coatings is to mount the materials vertically and horizontally with special aluminum profiles. The joints between the systems are closed here, in contrast to the open joint bonding system. Again, you should contact our company in Ankara to understand if this option is suitable for you and to understand what pricing options are above.


    Benefits of Ceramic Facade Coatings
    The benefits of ceramic façade coatings are actually equivalent to the benefits of ceramic material. In short, if you decide to make your exterior cladding with ceramic material, your exterior will start to breathe. Thus, both your building and exterior cladding will become more durable and healthy. Ceramic facade coating is not affected by weather conditions. It is suitable for energy efficiency conditions. Ceramic facades are safe for earthquakes. Ceramic facades are also fire-resistant. The application speed is quite high. It is functional and practical. Ceramic facade coatings keep energy use under control with the insulation layers used in the system infrastructure and the interior air space not found in other systems.


    What Do I Need To Choose For Ceramic Facade Cladding?
    Come to our company in Ankara right away if you want the ceramic façade coating advantages mentioned above to be valid for your building but if you think how can I make a quality ceramic façade coating according to your budget.

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