Ceramic Facade Coating

Ceramic facade coating systems are applied to the deaf facades of the building. It can be stated that ceramic facade coating systems can be applied to the system with aluminum structured clips, ducts or glues. These systems are highly preferred because they are highly resistant to heat, especially since they do not stain and are not affected by changes in the atmosphere. If you want to take advantage of these advantages and to have ceramic facade coating systems, you can contact our company in Ankara right away. The type of material to be used and the method to be applied will be determined by our teams. For this reason, it is of utmost importance that we understand the types of ceramic facade coating systems.


Clip System

The clip-on system is applied in ceramic facade coatings as follows. The ceramics are mounted on carrier aluminum profiles by means of clips in stainless steel appearance, thus providing the relevant application. In this case, you have a very economical and safe ceramic coating system. This clip-on ceramic facade cladding system is available for all sizes.


Hidden Channel System

In ceramic facade systems, hidden channel system is applied as follows. The ceramics are attached to the supporting structure by means of aluminum clips. They are generally applied with materials such as 60 x 60 cm, 60 x 120 cm, 50 x 100 cm. If you need ceramic facade cladding with hidden channel, you can contact our company in Ankara immediately. We can help you with our expert team.


Bonding System

In ceramic facade systems, bonding system is applied as follows. A high-strength material based on polyurethane-based tape and a temporary tape is used for the installation of ceramics on the aluminum bearing profile. This special material does not lose its flexibility between -40 and 100 degrees. Therefore, it is one of the most powerful materials. Bonding system is the most economical method in ceramic facade coating systems. At this point, suitable application can be made in all ceramic sizes and open or closed joints can be selected as desired. In order to decide which of these options is more suitable for you, you should contact our company in Ankara.


Closed Joint Bonding System

In ceramic facade cladding, closed joint bonding system is used to assemble the materials vertically and horizontally with special aluminum profiles. In this case, the joints between the systems are closed unlike the open joint bonding system. You should also contact our company in Ankara to see if this option is suitable for you and to see what kind of pricing the other options have.


Benefits of Ceramic Facade Claddings

The benefits of ceramic facades are actually equivalent to those of ceramic material. In short, if you decide to make your exterior cladding with ceramic material, your facade starts to breathe. Thus, your building and exterior coating will become longer lasting and healthy. Ceramic facade coating is not affected by weather conditions and complies with energy efficiency requirements. Ceramic facade coatings are safe for earthquakes. Ceramic facade coatings are also fire resistant. The application speed is quite high. They are so functional and practical. Ceramic facade claddings control the energy usage with the insulation layers used in the system infrastructure and with the internal air gap not found in other systems.


What Do I Need to Choose a Ceramic Facade?

If you want ceramic facade coating advantages to be valid for your building and if you want to know how to make a quality ceramic facade coating according to your budget, come to our company in Ankara.

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