Aluminum Curtain Wall Systems


Silicone Curtain Wall

Silicone curtain wall systems are one of the leading choices of those who want more simple and noble glass. In the silicone curtain wall system, double-glazings are adhered to the facade in a special way. Silicone Facade Coating System is completely ...


Ceramic Facade Coating

Ceramic facade coating systems are applied to the deaf facades of the building. It can be stated that ceramic facade coating systems can be applied to the system with aluminum structured clips, ducts or glues. These systems are highly preferred becau...


Semi Silicone Curtain Wall

Silicone cladding systems can also be applied as semi-capped silicone cladding systems if desired. Silicone sealant can be used instead of horizontal and vertical cover profiles. Semi-silicone cladding systems allow the facade to come into the desire...


Covered Curtain Wall Systems

Another name of the covered curtain wall systems is the classic facade cladding systems. These systems are manufactured from aluminum, steel and glass materials. One of the most important features of this system is that it is aesthetic and economical...


Spider Facade

Unlike other facade systems, Spider facade systems are produced by using a different building material instead of carrier aluminum. In this case, it becomes possible to use the system to produce much more transparent facades. There are different type...


Cotta Panel Facade

As an alternative to terracotta systems, cotta panel facade systems are a highly preferred systems because they are relatively lighter and they provide same surface as terracotta systems. Aluminum profiles are used as sub-construction in the applicat...


Compact Laminate Facade

Compact laminate facade is a system made of aluminum profiles and mounted to make the exterior of buildings more aesthetically pleasing. We can state that this system has quite different benefits. Among these benefits, breathing comes first. When com...

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